22 February 2006

Naturally Morgan

My daughter has started to blog and I am letting her do it under my blog so I can monitor it. Check out her first post here.

21 February 2006

baby frog update

This is a long time in coming, but here is a recent pic of one of the six Dendrobates froglets. Kinda blurry, I know. What can I say, my sister is not here to take the photo for me.

Right now, I am out of algae and fruit flies so they have been dining on flake fish food. To reduce risk of calcium absorption problems I have been increasing their broad spectrum lighting. Here is a picture of the set up where they are being raised.

As they begin to absorb their tails I am going to move them to a shallow tank where they can begin to feed on fruit flies. It looks like we are going to end up with 6 frogs. They are really cute at this stage and you can start to see the black spots on their backs.
The oldest tadpole is about 3 months old and the youngest is just over a month.

More later.....