17 November 2005

Where's my lucky hat???

I heard an interesting comment on the radio this morning. A local fishing guide service was giving their weekly fishing report. They were talking about the fact that fishermen make up superstitions to help them fish. Wearing a hat a certain way, a lucky jacket, etc. The fishing guide then made an interesting statement. She said, "Well, when you have no control over anything then you make up something to help." She was referring to the fact that you can't control the river or whether the fish bite. I instantly made a connection between this statement and religion. When you have no control over anything you make up something to help. Hmmm...interesting.

Having never been raised in a religious home, I don't have a strong connection to the church and its teachings. I know that in my mind it could go either way. God could be real or it could be how we explain the fact that we have no control over the world. I picture the masses without religion running wild and crazed in the streets. I believe many people need something to center them and give meaning to their life. Just like that innocent comment about fishing, maybe we have made up something to help? Just a thought from a person along for the ride. Your comments are welcome.


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Read this, very interesting:


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