22 November 2005

Thats right....fo shizzle!

I always new that teaching high school would pay off.
Look how cool I am.

You are as cool as Miles Thirst
You ARE as cool as Miles Thirst.
How well do you know your Hip Hop lingo?
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Possible results. (I am posting these so you can see just how cool I am.)

You ARE as cool as Miles Thirst - hang out with Miles at Sprite.com.13557 times, 78%

You are as cool as Miles Thirsts little brother pretty cool but you still have some learning to do1121 times, 6%

You are as cool as Miles Thirst's nerdy cousin Henry - you really aren't cool but you have Thirst genes so you can be cool if you work at it1507 times, 9%

You can't even be put in the Miles Thirst Family - you are NOT COOL - please visit the Hip-Hop Translator in the Zillapedia to get up to speed.1270 times, 7%

How cool are you?


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