28 November 2005

Then there were 12

Here are our totals thus far:

3 tadpoles hatched
3 tadpoles still in the egg
8 developing eggs

She is still laying....we check every day or so for new eggs. Not all of the eggs make it, but we are doing well so far.....

Here is an image of the oldest tadpole.

He is getting so big! I think I see back legs starting to bud.

I was in a photo snapping mood, so here is another picture.

Our Rubber Boa, Charina bottae, brought to us by a local herpetologist

23 November 2005

Little Dragon - this is the coolest optical illusion

My friends on the museum list serv sent this to me. Click on the link and then download the video. You won't believe this little dragon and how he follows you around the room. This is much cooler than your average "following eye" gimmicks! You can even print out your own copy of the dragon to amaze your friends. You have got to see this to believe it.

22 November 2005

Thats right....fo shizzle!

I always new that teaching high school would pay off.
Look how cool I am.

You are as cool as Miles Thirst
You ARE as cool as Miles Thirst.
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Possible results. (I am posting these so you can see just how cool I am.)

You ARE as cool as Miles Thirst - hang out with Miles at Sprite.com.13557 times, 78%

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You can't even be put in the Miles Thirst Family - you are NOT COOL - please visit the Hip-Hop Translator in the Zillapedia to get up to speed.1270 times, 7%

How cool are you?

21 November 2005

Got Flu?

Wanna check out the flu situation in your area? Watch this nasty virus slowly creep across the United States on Fluwatch.

Every year in my science classes I take time to show my students flu trends in the United States. When I am teaching a disease unit I try to plan it around the fall/winter so I can let them watch rising cases of flu across the ocuntry. Fluwatch is a website that monitors flu outbreaks across the country. You can see everything from states that have reported cases of the flu through all out epidemics. Click on a state and you can see which the status of flu cases by county. Check out the Fluwatch website.

17 November 2005

Where's my lucky hat???

I heard an interesting comment on the radio this morning. A local fishing guide service was giving their weekly fishing report. They were talking about the fact that fishermen make up superstitions to help them fish. Wearing a hat a certain way, a lucky jacket, etc. The fishing guide then made an interesting statement. She said, "Well, when you have no control over anything then you make up something to help." She was referring to the fact that you can't control the river or whether the fish bite. I instantly made a connection between this statement and religion. When you have no control over anything you make up something to help. Hmmm...interesting.

Having never been raised in a religious home, I don't have a strong connection to the church and its teachings. I know that in my mind it could go either way. God could be real or it could be how we explain the fact that we have no control over the world. I picture the masses without religion running wild and crazed in the streets. I believe many people need something to center them and give meaning to their life. Just like that innocent comment about fishing, maybe we have made up something to help? Just a thought from a person along for the ride. Your comments are welcome.

09 November 2005

Show off

I took pictures of all of my high school science classes recently. This is a picture of 1st period.
I am sitting with them, second from the right in the front row. These kids are awesome. Everyday is different when you are a teacher. Teenage lives have so much drama and torment. I think my job description should be teacher and counselor. It also amazes me how much constant disruption some of them live in. The school day is the only stability they get. Too many times I have heard this story, "My mom is back with her boyfriend and he is WAY too violent. So now I am in foster care that family got evicted again. " Can you believe it? CRAZY! I want to take them in and give them a decent start to life, but I have to settle for trying to be a consistent force in the classroom and try to teach them some science. Many are so preoccupied with living and their home conditions it is near impossible to get them to focus on schoolwork. Still, they have good hearts and I am proud to be their teacher.

M & M and I went to the video store last weekend to get pictures with DARTH VADER!!!! Here is M in her picture. It was cool. We already own the DVD so we didn't need to rent it at the video store. Now I just need to get all six episodes on DVD. Hmmmm....maybe I will put that on my amazon wishlist this year.

07 November 2005


I have been sitting on this manuscript for a children's book for like, gosh, I guess 15 years or more. I see there are a lot of writers out there blogging and I must say you have inspired me to take a new look at the book, dust it off and see what is still there. It is a story about a lemur at a zoo who gets tired with his exhibit and escapes to spend a day with the kids at zoo camp. It is named Berenty after a lemur I had raised during my years at the zoo. Enough for now, but at least I have said the words out loud and perhaps fate will take them and create the opportunity for me to fine tune the story and get up the gumption to send it off to a publisher.
A frog update. One of the last five eggs survived, it seems like a pattern. We had four new eggs today but again only one out for the bunch looks viable. We will wait and see.

01 November 2005

Movie Review

Well it is a bit late, but here is a review for The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. We saw it this weekend on pay-per-view. I give it a grade of C. It was funny in parts but overall a bit stupid. I was ready for some sci-fi humor and abstract thinking, but what I found was out of date special effects and uninteresting characters. The best part was in the beginning when I learned that all these years dolphins (the #2 most intelligent animal on earth) have been trying to tell us (the #3 most intelligent animal on earth) that our planet was scheduled for destruction. Stupid humans just interpreted this as cute tricks and acrobatics and didn't get this message so the dolphins all left the planet singing, "so long and thanks for all the fish". Now, I saw this on Saturday, today is Tuesday and I can't even remember the plot. This means the plot was lacking or so boring it didn't warrant commitment to memory. I do remember that toward the last half of the movie M. shouted out that he had figured which animal was the #1 most intelligent on the planet. I will leave that mystery for you to discover when you watch this movie. The other good point was Marvin, the manic depressive robot. I wish they had spent more time on Marvin, I would have liked to learn more about him. And why does Zaphod have black nail polish on his right hand but not on his left? Anyway, there is my 2.6 cents worth. Let me know what you thought if you saw this flick.