23 April 2006

He popped the question!

February 14, 2006
Bistro Gardens for dinner.
Matt proposed!

I am beyond excited to let everyone know that Matt and I are getting married. After dating for more than 3 years he asked me to marry him. We plan to tie the knot on August 5th at Patrick Creek Lodge in the beautiful redwood forest along the Smith River. I never knew I could be this in love, we are truly best friends, I am the luckiest woman in the world.

Nature Center update - we have strobilation in the jellyfish tank, but I am so far unsuccessful in rearing the ephyrae into medusa (to interpret this you can visit www.jellieszone.com)
We also have a strong Blue Dart Frog youngster and one tadpole left to morphose out. I will psot more pics when I find the camera again...ooops...

22 February 2006

Naturally Morgan

My daughter has started to blog and I am letting her do it under my blog so I can monitor it. Check out her first post here.

21 February 2006

baby frog update

This is a long time in coming, but here is a recent pic of one of the six Dendrobates froglets. Kinda blurry, I know. What can I say, my sister is not here to take the photo for me.

Right now, I am out of algae and fruit flies so they have been dining on flake fish food. To reduce risk of calcium absorption problems I have been increasing their broad spectrum lighting. Here is a picture of the set up where they are being raised.

As they begin to absorb their tails I am going to move them to a shallow tank where they can begin to feed on fruit flies. It looks like we are going to end up with 6 frogs. They are really cute at this stage and you can start to see the black spots on their backs.
The oldest tadpole is about 3 months old and the youngest is just over a month.

More later.....

23 January 2006

Take another look at your ceiling.

Ceiling lights, we've all got 'em.

Have you ever really looked at one?

My theory is a man came up with the idea for these lights in every room.

Why you may ask? Here, take a look.

Don't see it yet?

How 'bout now?

Yes, ceiling lights look like breasts. I mentioned this one day to the love of my life, an electrical contractor. He agreed and told me he had never noticed this before. I thought everyone knew this. Let me know what you think. Is it all in my mind? I better be careful, if this gets out electricians will start installing ceiling lights in pairs in every room.

20 January 2006

A Gnawing Problem

My life.....crazy

Where have I been?

Battling rodents.


28 November 2005

Then there were 12

Here are our totals thus far:

3 tadpoles hatched
3 tadpoles still in the egg
8 developing eggs

She is still laying....we check every day or so for new eggs. Not all of the eggs make it, but we are doing well so far.....

Here is an image of the oldest tadpole.

He is getting so big! I think I see back legs starting to bud.

I was in a photo snapping mood, so here is another picture.

Our Rubber Boa, Charina bottae, brought to us by a local herpetologist

23 November 2005

Little Dragon - this is the coolest optical illusion

My friends on the museum list serv sent this to me. Click on the link and then download the video. You won't believe this little dragon and how he follows you around the room. This is much cooler than your average "following eye" gimmicks! You can even print out your own copy of the dragon to amaze your friends. You have got to see this to believe it.